Each person is missing something.
One money, another attention and love, the third health. But what is lacking is unambiguous for everyone - it's time. That's why people have always dreamed of inventing an instrument with which to accurately count the time to rationally dispose of it. However, most of the first hours were very unreliable and depended on environmental conditions. But once an ultra-precise instrument for measuring time - the chronometer - was invented. This amazing invention, strangely enough, affected not only the lives of ordinary people. First of all, the invention of this device helped seafarers better navigate the open sea.
Джон Харрисон
Джон Харрисон
A chronometer is what?
The very word "chronometer" came from a combination of two Greek words: "time" (chronos) and "measure" (meter).
From the very name of the device it becomes clear that its purpose is to measure time. In other words, the chronometer is a watch, however very reliable, capable of continuing to work in any conditions, both in the frost and in the tropical heat.

History of the advent of chronometers Chronometers were not the first mechanical clock. However, the watch movements before them were very fragile and easily broken under unfavorable external conditions. Moreover, even in normal circumstances, watches began to "lie" with time. But everything changed in 1731, when a British watchmaker named Harrison invented a chronometer. This invention has become very important for the development of the marine business. Since Harrison's device continued to show absolutely precise time in any conditions, it helped the crew to determine the longitude, and then the coordinates of the vessel's location.
Despite its high cost, the chronometer has become quite often used on ships, and with the development of aeronautics and on airplanes. It is noteworthy that the design of Harrison was so perfect that over the years there has been virtually no change. The only thing that replaced some of the materials of the chronometer is more modern, light and durable.
The chronometer is designed to accurately measure and store time in hours, minutes and seconds. And also using the chronometer, sailors determine the location of the vessel. Chronometers are used in geodetic expeditions, observatories and missile centers as a standard of time. In addition, they are simply beautiful.

This marine chronometer is made especially for watch collectors, for owners of private vessels, yachts. The design of "Prestige" box, which is fixed the device, made of polished precious wood, and adorned with gold or s/steel decorative elements. The movement of the chronometer is also gilded.

Marine chronometer 6MX for ship registry has a similar complete set, and differs only in the absence of decoration.
For military purposes, a stainless steel version is used.
The chronometer is a unique mechanism of manual assembly with a chronometer descent on 15 ruby ​​stones and a balance support made of natural Russian diamond with large size and special purity. The chronometer is installed in a case and box made of hardwood with a lacquered glossy coating in the color of mahogany, or, on an additional order, made of mahogany.
The analog of the marine chronometer 6MX is produced only by two firms - the Swiss firm Zenit and Ulysse Nardin.
The marine chronometer 6МХ is exhibited in the Swiss watch museum in the city of Chaux-de-Fonds.
Marine chronometer is mandatory equipment in the ship's registry of the world-famous insurance company Lloyd.
The construction of the marine chronometer is based on the classical scheme of time instruments, however, in order to achieve high accuracy of the chronometer, the construction of the chronometer has a number of features. The spring motor is paired with the mechanism of the cochlea, which serves to equalize and maintain the constancy of the torque of the spring. Kinematic connection between the drum with a spring and a snail is carried out with the help of the Gall chain.
At the maximum torque, the Gall circuit is at the minimum diameter of the coil's spiral, and at the minimum torque, at the maximum diameter. A special ratchet mechanism creates a travel reserve, which makes it possible not to stop the chronometer at the time of spring planting. The factory counter allows you to judge the duration of the chronometer from the beginning of the plant to its complete shutdown and enables you to make a regular spring plant in time.
The spiral that moves the balance, all the watches are flat, the turns are arranged horizontally. And in the marine chronometer, the coils of the hair are arranged vertically. There is also a bimetallic balance that compensates for temperature fluctuations, which gives additional accuracy of the stroke.
This ensures high accuracy of the chronometer. If the usual good mechanical clock accuracy of plus or minus 48 seconds per day, our deck hours - plus or minus 9 seconds per day, then the marine chronometer - plus or minus 3 seconds.
Why is it now in the 21st century - the electronic age - used in military technology device invented in the 18th century? The matter is that modern electronic devices are subject to external influence of electro-magnetic fields.
This is the basis for a new type of weapon electromagnetic bombs that turn tanks, ships, aircraft into useless pieces of metal if they do not work electronics.
In addition, various accidents are possible, such as the Russian submarine "Kursk" in 2000 as a result of the explosion and the subsequent electrical impulse, all electronic devices went out of order. Only the marine chronometers 6МХ continued to function, which allowed the crew to navigate in time.
Currently, each ship and submarine of the Russian Navy has on its board 5-6 pieces marine chronometers 6МХ.
1. The body and all parts are made of stainless steel
2. The movement is gilded. Used natural Russian diamond with lange size
3. Glass - sapphire 4 mm thick
4. Dial of 3 types:
- white with Roman numerals (LIKE IN THE MAGAZINE)
- white with Arabic numerals (SEE A PHOTO)
- the black
5. Hands of 4 types:
- black
- black with inserts TRITIUM (inserts shine at night)
- gold-plated
- Covered with white light mass for a black dial
6. Wooden box of solid wood type 3 types:
- large safety box + standard box
- standard box
- a small box with a glass cover

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