Also we produce "Second marine chronometer AK-1" for the ships and submarines
The mechanical watch the "Second marine chronometer AK-1"  was developed in 1952, as a clock with high accuracy and special application. The clock is intended for use on ships of the sea and river fleet for indicating the exact time in hours, minutes and seconds. Since 1953, the industrial production of the "Second marine chronometer AK-1" began and continues to the present day. The watch is exported to America, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Germany, Poland, Romania, Italy and other countries.
The "Second marine chronometer AK-1" is available in two exterior configurations: in stainless steel and gold-plated.
All the details of the mechanism of "Second marine chronometer AK-1" are covered with gilding. The back of the watch is transparent. The "Second marine chronometer AK-1" is operated in a case made of hardwood with a lacquered glossy of mahogany, venge or walnut for 2 types:
- three sections (one of them with glass) + a safety box
- two sections with a lid of glass.
Hands may be with TRITIUM - light in the night.
For the glasses use sapphire.
Along with the marine chronometer 6МХ, the "Second marine chronometer AK-1" is the subject of well-deserved pride of the Russian watchmaking. A high estimate of the quality of our products we get from leading watch manufacturers with a worldwide reputation. The most valuable thing for us is the gratitude of our Customers, who operate the products of our watchmaking enterprise.
"Second marine chronometer AK-1" can be not only a necessity for those who walk on different ships, but also a wonderful gift for lovers of the sea and ships.
Usually the "Second marine chronometer AK-1" use 1 pc. on surface ships and 2-3 pcs. in the submarine boat